Imagine yourself crossing a pair of low rusty gates. They’re wide open, and on the side of one of them you notice a little brass sign that reads Monero Garden. You start to notice the subtle noises of unseen birds, the waves of foliage swaying with the breeze. In front of you there’s a worn wooden sign, with a carved map. It looks like a maze of interconnected lines at first glance, like many things in life do, but upon further inspection, you notice there are three main paths to take.

The manual for users

(How to use it) If you just need to start using Monero, without dwelling into the explanations of how it works below the hood or why it’s designed the way it is, start here.

The blueprint for geeks

(How it works) This path will take you uphill into the inner workings of Monero. Let’s create digital cash from scratch, one cog at a time.

The notes for humans

(Why it matters) Monero has some very special properties that may be very useful in shaping a different world. Luckily, this path will kick your mind into motion.

There’s no right or wrong way to visit this garden. Three narrow paths of dry soil and scattered pebbles lay in front of you, surrounded by lush plants you haven’t seen before. You gaze at the descriptions, already feeling a little spike in curiosity when reading one of them.

Click away, and enjoy.