Monero can be many things, one of which is a great present, specially if you forgot to buy something and it’s already December 24th. Jokes aside, if you think it’ll be appreciated, or want to start a cool conversation, give it a try.

Probably, the lucky person to receive Monero doesn’t have a wallet of their own already. So you’ll need to create one for them, put some moneros in it, and give the wallet to them so they do whatever they like with it afterwards.

What you’re going to be creating is called a paper wallet, one of the few obvious names you’ll encounter in this crypto journey.

  1. Use your Monero app of choice to create a new wallet, and write down the seed in something nice, like a greetings card. You can get an idea here or here, but basically it’s just a piece of paper with 25 words on it.
  2. Tell them how to use it to restore the wallet themselves, send them a link to this very site, or add a quick printed tutorial for them to follow on their own, like this one.
  3. It’s specially important that you let them know that until they send their moneros to a new wallet they create on their own, you can access the funds yourself, since you had the opportunity to copy the seed to that wallet.

If you happen to be in the mood for giving, but not to your friends and/or family, you can always donate some and get extra karma points.

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