Now that you have your seed written down, think of the following:

  • Is the paper resistant enough or will it tear easily? If you’re missing a part of the seed you might not be able to recover your funds in the future.
  • Is the ink or pencil that I’ve used going to smear or get difficult to read in the future? If you don’t understand the words, you’re equally in trouble.
  • Where will I hide it? Anyone with your seed is basically you. They can do whatever to your money and you can’t stop them.
  • Is it too obvious? Someone that recognizes a cryptocurrency seed might threaten you, thinking you have a lot of money. It’s better not to risk that.
  • How would loved ones (if desired) access it if something happens to you? Accidents happen. People die. Just as nobody can just guess your seed, nobody would be able to help them access any money if you’re not around.

If you’re just starting using Monero for the first time, these might be difficult to answer. But don’t worry, as long as we’re not talking about big sums of money, a piece of paper and a ballpoint pen will be enough, think of it as a stash of cash, hide it accordingly, and you’ll be fine.

Now let’s put some moneros in it.

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