There are a couple of places where you can just buy Monero. Basically you can buy it from a company, or from another person (that is called peer-to-peer, or p2p).

An important note: once you receive the moneros you purchased, nobody but you will know what you do with them, or how many you have left. It’s just like taking cash of an ATM. You’re probably filmed and your amount and account recorded when you do it, but what you do afterwards with it is your business.

That’s why most of the legal business options would require that you are over 18 year old and provide documents to disclose your identity. This is not ideal, since there will be a record of you buying Monero. This may not a problem today, but may become one in the future, you can never know.

If you want to buy it from a company and don’t mind being identified:

ExchangeFunded inBased in
Kraken2011United States

If you want to buy it from another person and avoid identification:

KYCnot.meThis website is not a seller itself, but it keeps an updated list of services that do sell you Monero without asking for your ID. Check it for further details.
Community channelsYou can ask around in the channels in Telegram, Discord, Matrix, etc. Of course proceed with caution, since there will be no escrow or consumer protection.

As you should have noticed, there’s no perfect way to buy Monero (or anything). Remember that there are other ways to get your hands on some.

If you decide to just buy it, the service will ask you for a Monero address where you want to receive the moneros you buy. Let’s see how to do that and check that everything is ok.

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