Using Monero to pay for things (where it’s accepted) is really pleasant. You can pay to anyone, anywhere in the world, in a minute. If it’s something you can purchase without disclosing your identity, the more sense it makes to use something like Monero to do so.

One good example is ProxyStore. It has a physical store in Leipzig, Germany but also ships goods and sells digital goods and you can pay with your moneros.

IVPN and Mullvad both very good VPNs, they don’t even ask for an email address to create an account.

Tutanota is a private email service. Totally encrypted and without ads.

Njalla is a privacy service that allows you to purchase a domain, or host a server.

If you live in the US or Canada, Coincards lets you buy giftcards to spend almost anywhere.

Cyphermarket sells apparel and stickers from open source projects.

Reflectacles sells eyewear that blocks infrared light, read about it, it’s cool.

Anon Shop lets you order stuff from Amazon and receive it anonymously on a locker.

Monero Market is a kind of Monero-based eBay, where users sell things themselves.

But these are only examples, there are people that do a great job gathering those into their own directory, like Monerica.

But remember, while it’s great to pay with Monero without any extra hoops, you can pay anything that takes almost any other cryptocurrency using an instant exchange. And if you’re trying the minimalist lifestyle and don’t want no new things, give it a try and tip someone with Monero.

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