Entropy tends to increase in the universe, disorder naturally grows over time. But disorder is messy. We don’t do well with disorder all the time. There’s one reason while people enjoy while on holidays but eventually feel some relief by coming home.

Disorder is chaos, it’s inefficient, and in our history it proved to be as needed to foster progress as dangerous to those who lived through it. We strive all the time for certainty, for order. People tend to centralize things to maximize order.

But just like a pressure cooker without a safety valve, it boils too much until it explodes. Same goes for financial regulations. Same for tyrannical governments.

Privacy allows for usually meek individuals to opt out in silence and release some of that built pressure. Decentralizing what we do is inefficient, it’s messy, but also allows for all the pressure of being ourselves to dissipate more evenly, and not to build so much until we have a earthquake.

A decentralized and private money makes change possible while keeping it safer, by fostering sincere financial voting and lowering the bar of accumulated pressure so instead of exploding, it releases.

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