You’re going to be your own bank, so the job of keeping your moneros out of other people’s hands is all yours. Remember: with great power comes great responsibility.

Open the app you downloaded, and create a new wallet. You’ll probably be faced with a few choices, but the most important information that you’ll be shown is your seed. It may also be called mnemonic (for memory) seed.

The seed It’s a list of random words that you need to write down very carefully. That list is unique to your wallet. No other wallet has the same seed, and it’s so random that someone guessing it would be as unlikely as picking a particular grain of sand from the beaches all around the world. It just won’t happen.

Picture that seed as a real seed, the app will plant it and it’ll sprout a monero wallet. And just like branches and leaves, accounts and addresses grow from that single seed. Think of it as the DNA of your wallet, just like the same DNA has the same set of instructions that will create the same human over and over, the same seed will always recreate the same wallet. That’s why it’s very important to keep it both safe and secret. If you lose it or has an error, you lose the moneros. If someone finds it, they can steal your moneros.

It’s your money, your secret, your seed. Write it down, and check it twice.

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