A Monero wallet is just an app that stores your funds. There are ones that work on your mobile phone, ones for your desktop computer or laptop, and some special ones that work on their own specialized device.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, probably the best compromise between being secure enough and easy to use, is a mobile app.

Here’s a list of Monero wallets that work on phones, with their links:

MonerujoAndroidMonero onlyhttps://www.monerujo.io/
Monero.comAndroid + iOSMonero onlyhttps://monero.com/
CakeAndroid + iOSMultiple coinshttps://cakewallet.com/
StackAndroid + iOSMultiple coinshttps://stackwallet.com/
ExodusAndroid + iOSMultiple coinshttps://www.exodus.com/

Just take a look and pick whatever you fancy the most. Some only have Monero, some also have other coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum. They’re all free, so you can download them all and try them. It’ll be fine. Download one and keep reading.

The reason MyMonero is not there, is because it works differently than the rest. To be super quick, they scan the blockchain for you. This is possible because you’re giving them the keys to see which moneros belong to you, but not the key that allows them to steal them. So it’s just as safe as the others, but less private. You are trading some privacy for convenience, which is fine, but you should be aware of the pros and cons before using it.

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