The internet gave us freedom to explore being someone else. Then, and only willingly, bring that new self back into the real world, updated. A different identity is a tool we can use to change our current one.

It’s like gaining higher ground to see what may be ahead and deciding if a path is better for us or not. Being private reduces friction from trying. It’s like asking for a time out in the middle of a match and consider your options.

Identities formed in base of our true desires and interests will foster connections to people that make our lives better for us, to jobs that are a genuine fit for us, to knowledge that boosts our chances to feel our lifes balanced, and worth living.

These identities have the chance to spill over, either gradually or in a sweep, to our meat space identities.

If all those interactions are monitored, we face having too much risk and not daring to try. Or make it very difficult to even create such identity because of its ties to our current one.

And if money is the language of value, private money ensures that valuation censorship is gone and we can add money to the toolbelt of that new identity.

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