To send you moneros, the other person needs an address to send it to, just like mail.

Monero addresses are a long chain of 95 numbers and letters that always start with a 4 or an 8. They’re not really random because they were generated with your seed, remember? They look like this one: 8BEucghGEW8YWWQYkTj1NNPtNAExXYvF8DRvU5VgtasZXNjDn5ZaaWMbHS5Z9EhqWsKVUDFnFmFusPDLXTyJcPZWTT8spV5

They’re too long and complicated to type them yourself or read aloud, and if you or the sender make any mistake, the moneros will go somewhere else and you cannot get them back. That’s why you always copy and paste them, or use a QR code.

To get to your address, open your wallet and choose Receive. You’ll see your address there, just copy and paste it on a message, or show the QR code to the other person if they’re next to you.

Don’t worry, unlike other cryptocurrencies it is impossible for others to use your address to know how much money you have or who you received or sent to. It’s like a dark, locked dropbox where people can put stuff in but cannot see what’s inside or who it belongs to. That’s the beauty of Monero. So share that address with confidence.

Once they have your address, they’ll have everything they need to send you moneros. Settle on an amount, and wait. Once they send it, it should take a few seconds to appear on your wallet as a pending transaction. After roughly two minutes, it should change from pending to confirmed. That means it got written in the latest block and it’s irreversible. You’re good.

Because of the way Monero works, you’ll have to wait for 9 more blocks until you can send those moneros yourself again. That’s roughly 20 minutes or so. Let’s try that now!

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