Another thing you can do with your moneros is to tip with it to creators you like. Or if you already do something online yourself, like videos, articles, streaming, running a webcam, or an online radio you can share your Monero address and people can send you anonymous tips.

To do so, the only thing you need is to display your address either in text or as a QR code, or both. You can get your address from the Monero app you’re using. Put it on the video’s description, the podcast notes, at the footer of your articles, or in your public profiles.

Remember that Monero addresses protect your privacy, so unlike most other cryptocurrencies, even if someone knows your address, it doesn’t mean they can know how much money you have, how many donations you received, or if you spent them at all. What’s more, if you want to help spread the word ask you favorite content creator to accept donations in Monero.

Another way to share the Monero gospel is between your closest ones. Monero could be a great gift.

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